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How can I get my money?
You can receive your payment via Fethard, ePassporte, WebMoney, Wire transfers...

How often do you pay?
We pay twice a month. The money for the period from 1st to 15th date will be paid on the 1st date of a new month, the money for the period from the 16th to 31st date will be paid on the 16th date of a new month.

Do you have any promo materials to advertise your sites?
And where can I get them?

Sure, we have more that 50 banners and screenshots of different sizes, site descriptions, free content and etc. All promo materials are in the partnership zone in the PROMO section.

Do you provide free hosting?
Yes. Please contact our support if you have any question concerning free hosting. ICQ 15606140 or

You can send your traffic in every possible way, except for spamming and using promo tools with false information about sites you're promoting.
Spamming is strictly prohibited. That means no email spam, no IRC spam, no
chatroom spam, no spam of any kind.

If you send traffic via our banners, download and save it on your own site. Do not hotlink our banners or any free content.

It's strictly prohibited to sell our sites from the sites that contain Warez, Passwords, MP3, Zoo or anything that is related with CP or Lolitas. This includes meta tags, text, links, graphic(s), etc.

If you are using our free hosting or free content, you can promote our sites only. Do not promote other partnership programs or per-click programs, dialers, etc.

All the payments are made in US dollars by wire transfers twice a month, after we get payment from billing(s).


We will pay 50% for every subscription and rebill generated by traffic you send to our websites. Your account
will be charged $25 for every chargeback.

We have an affiliate program. You get 10% of the income of every Webmaster referred by you.

Any Webmaster found cheating Cruel Money in any possible way will be terminated immediately without pay.